Monday, November 22, 2010

Cheerios Blogger Circle: Nourishing Body & Mind

As a member of the Cheerios Blogger Circle, I was presented with a question that really made me stop and think.

“Being a mom of 6, how do you use quality time with all of your children to ensure that they receive the best nourishment for their body & mind?”

Quality time? What is quality time when you have had six children in just 5 years?

Just kidding!
Actually, when I stopped to think about it, I do squeeze in quality time with my kids each day and I do it a lot more than I realize. Often, it's the little day-to-day tasks that I overlook and fail to recognize for their value and teachable moments. After all, our children are always watching us and learning from seeing what we do in life.
My weekly (or even twice weekly) trips to the grocery store and farmer's market are showing my children how to make healthy food choices and teaching them the value in spending money wisely. The actual experience of trekking to the store has taught my little ones how to behave in a public setting, how to respond politely to adults who ask them questions, and how to be considerate of others. Who would have guessed you could nourish your children's minds just by running errands?
In our home, one of the most obvious ways that I nourish my children's minds is by homeschooling them. I teach them everything-from reading and writing to math and science. It's hard work to have 6 young children in the house all day, every day... but it is totally worth it. The time spent with my children now will be over before I know it and we will do our best to cherish this time together.

My kids love to run and play outside and we always encourage them to be active. (Well, except when they are climbing the furniture or bouncing off of the walls.) They also see me exercising at home or see Daddy going to the gym. This reinforces the importance of staying active and healthy. In a house with two sets of twins (and 4 boys!) there is a lot of physical activity. Little bodies (and big ones too) need to be active to stay fit.
One of the ways that I have nourished my children's bodies is by providing healthy foods for them. It's about more than just eating. My children have grown up visiting farms and farmer's markets. They know where food comes from. They understand the importance of the local farmer who grows the strawberries we eat for breakfast or the local dairy farmer whose cows have provided the milk on their cereal each morning.
Whether we are picking berries together, eating a freshly cooked dinner, or sharing a good book, there are little ways that I can nourish my children's bodies and minds each day. My children are learning just by living!

I am part of the Cheerios Blogger Circle and did receive a gift pack for participating. No other compensation was received.


  1. Looks like you use Abeka curriculum?=)

    I have been leaving my twins home when I shop but I'm not sure this is wise...they are missing out on some training time...I use it as sanity time when I grocery shop...

  2. The picture with your kids in the stroller is SO cute! I'm sure you get stopped a lot!