Thursday, December 10, 2009

Holly and Hal Moose

If you've watched TV lately, you may have seen the new Christmas movie about Holly and Hal Moose. My kids were so excited to watch something new, in addition to our regular Christmas classics. They fell instantly in love with the animated characters of Holly and Hal, the adorable moose children in this story.

Imagine our excitement when Holly and Hal arrived on our doorstep recently! My children delighted in Hal's antler decorations-Christmas lights that actually light up and glow! They've taken pleasure in dressing, undressing, and redressing Holly and Hal and acting out scenes from the movie. In addition to the "real" Holly and Hal, we also received the book that chronicles their "uplifting" Christmas adventure.

Interestingly enough, we recently took our first family trip to the Build-A-Bear workshop. It was there that we created a Christmas gift for Daddy. It's a camo military bear in full Army gear. It's a sweet bear that was made with love. In fact, he has 6 hearts, each kissed by one of our children. The bear also has a recording of our children telling Daddy that they love and miss him. He's deploying to Iraq right after Christmas so this is a very special bear.

While we were at the Build-A-Bear workshop we saw Holly and Hal. My kids were begging to buy them after seeing the movie. I resisted their desperate pleas, only to find Holly and Hal arrive on our doorstep the next day. What a surprise!

The lovable characters of Holly and Hal are receiving a lot of attention from my lovable kids. Even the youngest of my half dozen have been cuddling with their moose friends. I have never seen such a sweet moose. Have you?
If you're still trying to wrap up your Christmas shopping this year, check out Holly and Hal's Uplifting Christmas Adventure. You can find the characters at the Build-A-Bear workshop and there's an interactive website as well. I'd recommend getting the package that includes the characters as well as the book or DVD so that your children can enjoy the fun Christmas story as well.

This was not a compensated review but I did receive Holly and Hal and their book for free from MomSelect in exchange for providing my honest opinion.

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