Monday, November 30, 2009

Two Snowflakes Giveaway

It's no secret that twins are special! Jennifer Miller's new book, "Two Snowflakes" explores the good and bad things about being a twin from a child's perspective. This was a must-read for our family and is a fun book even if you don't have twins in your house.
"Two Snowflakes" is a children's story about two identical snowflakes and two identical twin girls. We all remember the old saying about no two snowflakes being exactly alike, but have you ever thought about no two identical twins being exactly alike? It's a common misconception that identical twins will always share the same interests, or even look exactly the same. This adorable story addresses the feelings that twins may have when they look the same and how others see them as individuals.

I've been blessed to have two sets of identical twins but I have no idea what it feels like to be a twin. My twin girls are 3 and a half and are just starting to understand that they share a special bond. They really enjoyed reading this book and I'm sure that, even at their young age, they could relate to the story. My older singleton boys now have a little better understanding of what their siblings may feel when people confuse them or think they are the same. This book was a real teaching tool in our house.
Winter is upon us and there's no better time to surprise your child with this adorable snowflake story. If you have twins, or know of a family with twins, this book is the perfect holiday gift! You can find "Two Snowflakes" on or on Jennifer Miller's website.
Right now you also have a special chance to win a copy of "Two Snowflakes." To enter, leave a comment below. For additional entries you may blog or tweet about this giveaway. Leave a link to your blog post or tweet below. One entry per comment. This giveaway ends on December 10, 2009.

GIVEAWAY CLOSED! Congrats to Anna (comment #9) who won a copy of "Two Snowflakes!"

This is not a compensated review. I did receive 2 free copies of the book to review and give away.

Monday, November 23, 2009

$50 ebeanstalk Gift Certificate Giveaway

Ebeanstalk is giving away $50 gift certificates! With the holidays just days away (doesn't it sound more ominous when you say it like that?) everyone is toy shopping. Even veteran moms can use a little help! Ebeanstalk is a website dedicated to selecting great, safe toys for a 3 year old and toddler toys. They also have toys for children of all ages! They rely on the opinions and feedback of bloggers and moms around the country and have a team of child experts who help to pick out kids toys.

Would you like a chance to win a $50 ebeanstalk gift certificate? It's easy! Take a picture of your little one playing with a toy, and email the picture to You could be 1 of 10 lucky winners to win a $50 gift certificate at ebeanstalk this holiday season. Entries will be chosen on their cuteness factor. For privacy, please only send the first name of your child and your email address. Your email address will be kept private. Please do not send your child's last name or address.

As a special bonus, all blog readers will receive a 10% discount on any ebeanstalk purchase. Enter the code ebeanstalk100 at checkout!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Logitech Webcam

Recently I was excited to receive a Logitech Webcam Pro 9000 in the mail. I was hoping I'd be able to try it out because I was already planning to purchase one and I'm a webcam virgin. I had no idea what type to buy or even how to use one. (Pathetic, I know!)

With a husband who is deploying to Iraq and 6 children at home who miss him almost as much as I do, the webcam is a huge blessing. We can see each other and talk even though we're thousands of miles apart. Technology is amazing!

Because this is my first webcam experience, I'll admit I don't know much about the specifications of the camera. What I do know is that there is a 2MP autofocus lens and the video and image quality is far better than I was expecting. The camera also has RightLight technology which basically means that if you're using the webcam in your basement at 11pm, you don't have to worry about poor image quality from the lack of light. The camera compensates accordingly and your videos still look good. In other words, it's EASY!

Please ignore the terribly unflattering still shot that appears below, and instead watch the video and see what I mean. This was my third time using the webcam and I had it installed and running within minutes. Logitech even includes free video software so I was able to make video calls instantly. Now, if I could just stop thinking about what a huge dork I am in videos...

If you're looking for a great webcam, this is it! It's high quality, easy to use, and includes everything you need to get started. The software installs quickly and gives you instant access to your videos, pictures, and the ability to make video calls. I was intimidated at first, but the Logitech Pro 9000 webcam really has been a great way for me to plunge into the world of web video!

This was not a compensated post. I did receive the webcam for free.