Monday, December 27, 2010


This is a compensated review by BlogHer.

If you haven't been to BlogHer's website lately, you really should check it out. BlogHer has a new design that is easy to navigate and recently started syndicating articles (like mine!) so there is always fresh, interesting content. From family and relationships to food and green living, BlogHer has it all.

Some of my favorite posts:

Green Holiday Gift Guide- This green guide to gift-giving is good all year, not just for Christmas. It has great tips for giving gifts that will be used and won't be relegated to life in the back of the closet. I love finding ways to be greener and this article is a great starting point even for those not already living a green lifestyle.

What is Community Supported Agriculture? This informative article covers the basics of how CSAs work to support local farms and provide better food options for consumers. If you've never heard of a CSA, read this and see what you are missing.

Healthy Eating Without Breaking the Bank- This article was shared from a post I wrote on my blog, discussing the ways our family eats healthy by choosing local food sources. If you think you can't eat organic because it's out of your budget, read this for ideas on making it work.

The Idiot Box and Us: Decisions About TV- This is a great read. This mom sums up exactly how I feel about children and too much TV. She also points out that TV can be a useful tool at times.
Head on over to BlogHer and see what you've been missing. There are so many informative posts from some very smart ladies. As an added bonus, there is a BlogHer sweepstakes right now. This week's sweepstakes winner will receive a full conference pass to BlogHer Food '11 in Atlanta, GA. The contest runs from December 27-31 so enter now!
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