Saturday, October 26, 2013

Dream Diapers Review & Giveaway

If there is one thing I love about opening my mailbox, it's getting fluffy mail!
 Especially when that fluffy mail is packaged in pink and looking so sweet.  This is fun mail from Dream Diapers!

I've been in a cloth diapering rut lately.  I bought several new diapers for Seven before she was born but I was quite convinced that she was a he, so all of those diapers were in "boy" colors or prints.  The rest of her diapers have mostly been hand-me-downs from her six siblings.  I still use a few of Matthew's old diapers on a regular basis.  (He is ten years old!)  It was exciting to try something new- a new style diaper and in my favorite color!

 Dream Diapers sent me a SoftBums Omni pocket diaper.  It's a one size diaper unlike any other I've ever used.  Before I tell you about the diaper, I have to point out that Dream Diapers includes a very helpful guide that includes basic cloth diapering tips and washing instructions in their packages.  This is perfect for families that are new to cloth diapering because getting started with cloth can seem overwhelming.
 The SoftBums Omni OS diapers fit babies from about 5-35 pounds.  Seven is about 20 pounds right now so I adjusted the rise accordingly.  These diapers actually have little toggles on the inside so it was super easy to adjust.  I've never seen toggles in a diaper before!  Although there are instructions for measuring and adjusting the elastic, I actually just adjusted the toggles through the diaper and it was very simple.
 The SoftBums Omni diapers come with either snap or velcro closure.  Although I love snaps for babies, I really prefer velcro for squirmy toddlers.  Fast and simple!

I have always been a prefold gal when it comes to stuffing my pocket diapers and that's exactly what I did with this diaper.  No leaks!  Dream Diapers actually sells several different types of pods to stuff the shells if that's what you prefer.
 The fit is perfect on the SoftBums Omni and what they say is true- no red marks on Seven's chunky little thighs.  She actually wore this diaper overnight and was not totally awake when I took this photo, but I assure you that she was quite pleased with it too.

Enter to win a SoftBums Omni OS diaper from Dream Diapers in your choice of solid colors!

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