Sunday, October 26, 2008

Natural Toys

I'm sure everyone is now aware of the dangers of certain toys that may contain lead paint, small magnets, etc. after the huge recalls last summer. This prompted many parents to start buying "China-free" toys and other products. Safety is obviously a huge concern and with so many people "going green" it only makes sense that our childrens' toys should follow suit.

I was already a fan of natural toys before the recalls but was even more resolved to find cool toys that were safe for my kids. I love Waldorf type toys that encourage imaginative play. In my quest for exciting new toys I came across some great websites such as Sara's Toy Box and the big toy stores like Oompa and Magic Cabin.

Last Christmas my kids were delighted to receive a wooden playstand and the entire PlanCity set with parking garage and little wooden vehicles. It was a huge hit! We also discovered Automoblox which soon became the boys' favorite toys. (This year we are hoping to get a nice wooden kitchen set for our kids!) PlanToys in particular is a very responsible company that takes pride in being eco-friendly. Their toys are made of organic rubberwood and dyed with water- and plant-based inks.

Sometime in the midst of our toy purging my friend Christen also decided to make the switch to more natural toys. And soon she became somewhat... shall we say obsessed? Out of her new found obsession Lizzy Bee Natural was born.

Lizzy Bee Natural is still relatively new but new products are always being added. From our favorite Automoblox to the adorable PlanToys tea set, there is something for everyone. Because I know the owner so well I can confidently assure you that she has great customer service and she really knows her toys!

From now through December 10th you can use the code "twinsanity" to save 15% off of any order (excluding cloth diapers.) You can't beat that deal for some of the coolest toys around!

I did not receive any compensation for this review. I just wanted to share the news about this great store!


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